2-group representations for spin foams


Just as 3d state sum models, including 3d quantum gravity, can be built using categories of group representations, “2-categories of 2-group representations” may provide interesting state sum models for 4d quantum topology, if not quantum gravity. Here we focus on the “Euclidean 2-group”, built from the rotation group SO(4) and its action on the group of translations of 4d Euclidean space. We explain its infinite-dimensional unitary representations, and construct a model based on the resulting representation 2-category. This model, with clear geometric content and explicit “metric data” on triangulation edges, shows up naturally in an attempt to write the amplitudes of ordinary quantum field theory in a background independent way.

AIP Conference Proceedings 1196, 28-35
Aristide Baratin
Aristide Baratin
AI Research Scientist